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Time for the Show 1×49: The Final Kwanzaamas

It’s Christmas, and Jesus doesn’t look a day over 1500. Papa Faux learns what a SubGenius is after discovering how easy it is to make Fidd take unidentified medication. Peas reveals the secrets he learned in “radio school”. The hosts do their famous “intro trick”, which is where they burn the first 75% of the show talking about what’s going to happen during the remaining 25%. Peas uses a month’s worth of cow lube and a battering ram to attempt to force a bit where Rudolph the Reindeer is a guest on the show (Teller was funnier). Inside jokes and references to past shows litter everything before the first song break. ISIS gets a pass in the spirit of the season during The Blind Eye, which is followed by a Scalpod-hosted round of Is It A Band. Both segments only take about three minutes each. Fidd announces the Is It A Band trading card series! After the final music break, the sacred on-air live sound check is consecrated, which is followed by a viewer mail segment in which less than half of the submissions are fake news — a new record! Peas talks about something he calls a “mustard poltriss”, which for some reason leads him not only into disclosing the secrets he learned as a Shriner and Mason in the Scottish and York rites (no shit), but also articulating a scholarly explanation of Kwanzaa before getting steamrolled by Fidd and Faux into apologizing for the entire show hereuntoforthwith. Fidd and peas are rightfully shitfaced by the end of the show — no further notes required.

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Blockflustered: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Everyone loves a sequel, especially when that sequel comes out twenty-three years after the original. If you haven’t seen the original film, it is about a magic board game that turns the lives of a few kids upside-down by turning their house into a jungle. It’s basically Home Alone with animals, as couches are shredded by lions and cars are stomped by elephants all-the-while Robin Williams plays a character who was trapped in the game decades prior and is now loose in the house and possibly rubbing his hairy person all over a shelf of Disney-themed knick-knacks.

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URL update

While we are updating the old feeds, we don’t want to post the episodes on two different websites. However, the process for updating a Google listing can take up to eight weeks, meaning that while they will eventually get there: no new episodes will appear on the feeds from Hypercube from now on.

Episodes podcast timefortheshow

Time for the Show 1×48: The Trial and Death of Arliss Michaels

Fidd is back in the studio from Tampax, Florida just in time to regret it! Doktor Faux scores BIG by registering the somehow-yet-unregistered web domain: TimeForTheShow.com. Faux responds to peas’s claim of being depressed by steamrolling over everything peas says in the first hour. peas attempts to smooth things over with Faux with what he calls a “radio trust fall”. Peas has a van: Adventure-1. In the Blind Eye segment, peas chooses the United Stated federal government just because he owes them several thousand dollars. The logistics of subcontracting as a stripper at Red Lobster are discussed before Reverend Scalpod joins the show to officiate IS IT A BAND. The merits of drinking root beer from a pug-dog skull are mentioned amonsgt the rest of the viewer mail, after which the hosts eventuate another segment of “Messiah or Pariah?”, with the focus being on VAPING. At the end of the show, peas does what he does best and apologizes for the whole episode. restoring our standing in the community back up to zero.