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Time for the Show 1×63: Rerun of Time for the Show 1×63

If all you wanted for Christmas this year was ten pounds of Reverend Caller #23 in a five-pound bag, then Christmas has come early for you. The role of Fidd Chewley is played by Reverend Caller #23, who reveals insights about “your fucking face”, the role of “peas” is played by Fidd Chewley, and the role of Doktor Faux is played by the tenuous exterior he portrays in public to poorly hide his racist leanings. Don’t listen to this episode unless you’ve already skipped listening to it!

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Time for the Shill

When I was a boy, I took a fondness towards the praying mantis. The way they would stand, unwavering against any terrain or element. These noble beasts reigned over lands, wetting their insatiable hunger they were inherently built to sustain. I picked one up once. It pinched my finger just a little bit. It scared […]