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Ep 106: Coronado

Doktor Faux introduces peas to Quarantainment™ and grills him about his debts to society. Faux and peas debate the Olympics, promote Triology Soaps as PPE and peas regails us with military tales before arguing about how to properly shoot fish in a barrel. Peas cries about being blocked by R Crumb. Scalpod discusses true friendship. The gang plays the first round of Truthache, peas argues for clean sinuses and Faux reviews “Richard Jewell”.

Intro: All Your Hunger Are Belong To Show

0:00-24:34: Doktor Faux discusses the real apocalypse, Caller 23’s criticism of peas, Faux conducts a peas Turing test, and the Olympics are bullshit. Clint peaswood introduces the first song.

24:40-54:11: Peas bombing, Peas-Pee-Eee and Triology Soaps commercial, Doktor Faux questions peas nationality, Trained SEALS, “Pedophiles n’ Rapists”, fish in a barrel, Norwegian peas, peas watches cartoons, R Crumb banned peas, beatboxing with peas, poetry slam denial, brutal honesty and friendship, send money to Doktor Faux

54:15-57:13: Shoutouts and Promos

57:13-1:22:09 Truthache: Stolen Weed, Losing Rank (and $500), Detective Peas

1:23:50-1:34:30: Proving Grounds

1:34:31: Coronavirus and your Sinus

1:37:36: Blockflustered: Richard Jewell

1:52:30: Apologies

Recorded March 23, 2020
Doktor Faux, Reverand peas, Doktor Cosmac, Caller 23, Scalpod
Edited by Doktor Faux
Episode art by scalpod

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Argus Faux
Argus Faux
Doktor Argus Q. Faux is an impatient asshole with a bad temper. He enjoys trash-talking children in free-to-play games and uploading footage of his birth to pornographic websites. When not engineering TFTS, he can usually be found crying on the bathroom floor and contemplating the use of MSG as a dietary supplement.

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