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Ep 83: Boipussy of my Dreamscast

It’s another landmark episode for TFTS. In this epic three-hour extravaganza, Reverand peas talks about his jeep. Ferg, Scalpod, Reverend Negative and Caller 23 join Faux for a round of Is It a Band with Doktor Cosmac. Then the evening devolves into the regular psycho-babble. This epsisode features the Time For The Show vs. Pop Team Epic remix as well as the Krinkle Time Party Show Lounge remix at the end.

Recorded Sept 9, 2019
Edited by Doktor Faux
Episode art by Cosmac
Patreon supporters: Couchsloth, FNoRD, Caller23, Hazel, YBDobbs, scalpod, Rev. Richard Negative, Doktor Cosmac, longdead, Rev80, Cat Feather, Rev Guimo, Jitney Friekur

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Argus Faux
Argus Faux
Doktor Argus Q. Faux is an impatient asshole with a bad temper. He enjoys trash-talking children in free-to-play games and uploading footage of his birth to pornographic websites. When not engineering TFTS, he can usually be found crying on the bathroom floor and contemplating the use of MSG as a dietary supplement.

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