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Ep 82: The Book for Me

Doktor Faux is all alone in the Hypercube with a copy of the Holy Bible. After Cosmac shows up to help Faux pick out a better one, the two slowly attempt to read through it before the chat starts submitting Bible Verses. For this truly educational show, the music has been left in since we are obviously making informed commentary on it. If you’re gonna miss one episode of Time For The Show this year, you might want to consider this one!

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Blockflustered: Despicable Me 3: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Minion

Animation has always had a hard time generating major revenue at the box office. From it’s inception, it was primarily a tool used for filler content and cheap programming. Disney’s 1994 animated film The Lion King changed that when it became the highest grossing picture for 1994 ($968.5 Million). It would take Disney several years […]