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“Time for the Show” is a comedic podcast that features discussions on a variety of topics, often with a satirical and irreverent tone. The podcast is hosted by Reverand peas, Fidd Chewley and Doktor Faux who each bring their own unique perspective and humor to the show. The hosts often engage in absurd skits, parody commercials, and prank calls, making for a very entertaining and unpredictable listening experience.

Your Mother

It was an effort to wrangle a group of knuckleheads together to banter on microphones and record it. It was a dream to develop it into the world’s greatest live-broadcast internet-radio performance. It was a nightmare to endure. Yet, the call of comedy had announced from the tallest tire-fire on the Eastern seaboard. It was “Time for the Show”.

Each week, a trio of Psycoustics™ Engineers would meet up in the HyperCOMM to engage in unrestricted pseudobabble with the intent of saying something funny. There was no format, there was no plan, there was only SHOW. And during showtime, nothing was off-topic as the hosts embraced taboo and discovered different ways in writing jokes and crafting a radio show. Every episode was broadcast live on FreeThinkRadio, with the ability for the viewers at home to join in a live chat and occasionally join the show. Several HyperCOMM users would become fixtures in the show’s history such as Cosmac, Scalpod, Dr. Ellis, Marthartha and the enigma that is Caller 23. Over time the show would evolve to include reoccurring segments (“bits”) like viewer mail, The Blind Eye and the legendary Is It a Band game. Later segments include the tell-a-lie game Truthache, round-robin headline-to-punchline writing bit Proving Grounds, Messiah or Pariah and rarely-finished SubGenius Court.

The show would endure various times where one of the hosts would leave, sometimes seemingly for good. Roles would be changed, formats would be re-invented. Tempers flared, friendships broke and rather tumultuous events would be chronicled forever in the annals of the broadcasts. The spontaneity of the production led to some incredible experimental episodes. Numerous special guests would appear and record alongside whatever host had survived at the time.

Eventually, the show was left in the hands of just one remaining host and it was entirely reworked into weekly one-hour broadcast focused on writing jokes in real-time based off a proprietary “laughs-per-minute” algorithm. It would not be long before all three original hosts would rejoin the project and work on recording over 200 episodes of this insane experiment in comedy-generation.

In efforts to guide new viewers through the history of Time for the Show, this list contains several episodes of note that will introduce you to what is the deep lore of the internet’s most befuddling podcast.

Episode 2: Stang Party
The first appearance by Rev. Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius.

Episode 3: Philo
The first appearance by guest Dr. Philo Drummond of the Church of the SubGenius

Episode 10: Riley’d Up
Riley Mix of Anti-Social Engineering tells funny stories about his friend’s bathroom shyness.

Episode 16: Legume
Doktor Legume joins us for an episode.

Episode 36: The Twister ‘N’ Dildoe Morning Show
This episode takes place after the Hypercube Labs music festival “Sell-Out Con”, where all the participants are incredibly worn out
and Doktor Faux is recovering from heat-stroke live on the air.

Episode 46: Chris
Reverand peas brings a friend onto the show, and it doesn’t take long for a line to be drawn.

Episode 53: The Title Left Intentionally Black
Reverand peas introduces his newest character and future show-staple, Scoop McNewsgui.

Episode 57: Phi-for-the-lo
Second appearance by guest Dr. Philo Drummond of the Church of the SubGenius, and the invention of Showrogan.

Episode 69: Killing Space to Save You Time
Doktor Faux drags peas behind the gargantuan spaceship in this special episode where Cosmac and Caller 23 join along for an adventure through the stars!

This list is currently being updated as past episodes of the show are added to the Internet Archive and a new RSS feed is generated.
Nearly all episodes of Time for the Show, after episode 23, are available on YouTube
“Classic” episodes play every Monday night at 10 PM ET on

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