Episode 18: Candle Salesman’s Dilemma

“You’re gonna have to carry this one, peas!” Holy jumpin’ jeeperwinks; Fidd and Faux are recovering from two straight days of eating nothing but lunar regolith and popcorn. Peas wins a free trial-size box of Lucky Charms for being the millionth customer at the whites-only nail salon. Doktor Faux runs out of toilet paper and must wipe his ass with his collection of defunct Chuck-E-Cheese tickets. Fidd elaborates on this week’s life hack: how to properly chill tampons for use on hot days

Time for the Show Season One – Episode Eighteen May 7, 2018 Doktor Argus Faux, Reverand [sic] peas [sic], Fidd Chewley Songs in this episode:

  • Ella Fitzgerald — “How High the Moon (Live in Berlin)”
  • The Kleptones — “Daft Purple”
  • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band — “Black Mountain Rag”
  • Bran Flakes — “Smith Corona 10-Day Typing Course”
  • Bran Flakes — “Riddle”
  • Bran Flakes — “Dear Mom and Dad”


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