Episode 42: My Other Penis is a Mercedes

Time for the Show: Episode 42
My Other Penis is a Mercedes

0:00:00 INTRO. Ceremonial sound check. The Kenny Floyd award. Limbaugh beat us in the ratings AGAIN! Whirling dervishes and Turkish Delight. Peas is a free man.

0:14:27 BREAK. Doing show #3 material on show #42. Peas explains how to get even. Let’s cuss! Numbers make peas cough. Fidd bails peas out. Reverend Evan Stronge. Viewer mail (take one). Carrots’s nice letter to the mailman. Viewer mail (take two). Bed Bath &Beyond is secretly a titty bar.

0:38:38 BREAK. Fidd bows out. The dreaded mid-day hangover. No more NASA lawyer. Fidd proposes to propose to Jody Arias. Clitori against the proverbial glass. Oxtails & vodka update. Suck with your mouth, not with your heart.

0:50:19 BREAK. Patreon love. Dem lanks.

1:00:29 IS IT A BAND?
1:03.14 Round 1: Norman and the Rock Wells
1:06:19 Round 2: The Manifestones
1:08:50 Round 3: End Times Square
1:12:36 Round 4: Social Meteor
1:17:50 Round 5: Hug Cartel
1:24:07 Round 6: Mountain Don’t

1:29:34 BREAK. Peas challenges Fidd’s sportsmanship. Can a nigga reminisce?! BLIND EYES! AC abuse. Our number-one fan joins the show. Peas apologizes.

Time for the Show
Season One – Episode Forty-Two
October 29, 2018
Fidd Chewley, Dok Faux, Reverand [sic] peas [sic], Scalpod

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