Episode 37: Rewardians in Emergentilian Clothing

“It was in a mirror, at some time, in some place, that the first act of recognition occurred, the point when man stared into the ocean, saw his face in its infinity, grew anxious, and began to ask,” Who is that?…” Sándor Márai: Casanova in Bolzano

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Episode 24: What Happens in the RV Stays in the RV’s Upholstery

Doktor Faux argues in favor of legalizing medical tobacco; Fidd Chewley argues in favor medicinalizing legal tobacco. Reverend Caller #23 makes a personal appearance at Hypercube Studios to discuss the tastiest scab he ever got. Faux, Fidd, and RC#23 perform a table read of a Rick & Morty script. Later in the show; Reverend 80, Apostasy X Fnord, and Reverend Couchsloth join the show to participate in the “DAG, YO” segment.

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Episode 08: Video Blame

Faux, peas, and Fidd get the band back together just in time for the local high school’s Battle of the Podcasts. Dok Cosmac returns with a thumbtack in his shoe to talk about X-Day: The Video Game: The Demo. Fidd’s license to dock in the safe harbor is revoked. In the second hour, the show is INVADED by the most guests so far: Aster6, Dok Ellis, Apostasy X Fnord, Rev Couchsloth, Reverend Caller 23, Cat Feather.

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