Ep 70: Mutiny on the Radio-waves

Time for the Show
Episode 70: Mutiny on the Radio-waves/Dead Faux Records

After Doktor Faux wrings out his towel, he decides to jump on the next freight-train out of Hypercube and takes a night off. This leaves the HyperCOMM in complete anarchy as Elvis Martini and Dok Ellis hijack the feed and throw a huge internet party full of bad connections, reverb, dropped calls and cheap audio equipment. It’s an ORGY of SLACK as Time for the Show is mutated into a complete free-for-all featuring all your HyperCOMM favorites such as Lord Ferg, Cosmac, Scalpod, Marthartha, Agent Lloyd and a rotating cast of callers attempt to save the Show from itself.

Featuring various members of HyperCOMM
Originally broadcast: June 3, 2019

“Time for the Show”
Originally Broadcast on FreeThinkRadio.com
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