Time for the Movie

Reverand [sic] peas [sic] is a handsome boy, possibly the most handsome, but when a mysterious package arrives he ends up opening a ridiculous adventure for his pals Doktor Faux, Cosmac and Fidd Chewley. In a race against time on board a van powered by jokes, can Team Hypercube get to peas in time to avert disaster? Find out in this feature-length comedy film based on the “Time for the Show” podcast! Available February 2024!

Featuring music by Rubix Pube, Hazel of the Windmills, Negativland and more!

The boys from Hypercube Labs have set out on their most ambitious project to date! Based on the “Time for the Show” podcast, Time for the Movie is an all-new original feature-length comedy film featuring a real cross-country journey that pays homage to some of our favorite funny movies. With cameos from notable members of the Church of the SubGenius, a head-bobbing custom soundtrack, some incredible filming locations and loads of amazing practical effects, this 71-minute chucklefest is filled with the twisted and bizarre humor that fans of Time for the Show have come to love. Starring Reverand peas, Cosmac, Fidd Chewley and Doktor Argus Faux! DON’T THINK™! It’s TIME FOR THE SHOW!


Original Teaser Trailer:


It’s the WORLD PREMIERE of Time for the Show: The Movie, a feature-length film based on the Time for the Show podcast and the World of Hypercube Labs! LIVE at Will’s Pub in Orlando, Florida! Featuring a performance by Rubix Pube!

Featuring a live performance by DOKTOR FAUX before the film and a surprise musical performance after! Space is limited, RSVP NOW!

Time for the Show: The Movie: Time for the Movie is a comedy road-trip adventure film about two former colleagues who must put aside their differences to save their friend! With wacky sci-fi elements, a soundtrack by musical maniacs Rubix Pube (and more!) and plenty of cameos by famous people you might not have heard of, this 80 minute feature-film will introduce you to the mind of Doktor Faux and his friends. DON’T THINK™, it’s TIME FOR THE SHOW!!!

This film is not rated, and contains harsh language and mild violence.

Facebook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/303672159107063

Release Information:

After the World Premiere Party in Orlando, Florida, Time for the Movie is expected to appear in multiple film festivals around the United States.
Confirmed dates for showings will appear here when ready.

Members of the Hypercube Patreon will be granted access to download a digital copy of the movie in 720p!

1080p Blu-Ray editions of the movie, along with bonus features and extra material, will be available from HypercubeGO! in early 2024.

An East-Coast tour with Rubix Pube and other collaborators is currently in the works for April 2024.

The movie will then make it’s home on channel OSI 74, available to stream on any device!