Episode 38: Is It a Toe?

Here is the dilemma in the face of the task of writing the notes for this show: either you’re a big fan, in which case I don’t need to write notes given that you’re going to listen to the whole episode anyway — OR — you AREN’T going to listen to this episode, but for some reason are still reading these words, in which case I’m curious as to why you’re reading notes to a show you’re not ear-chowing, BUT THAT’S OKAY! This is the second-and-final episode in-a-row in which Doktor Faux was away from Hypercube and so Fidd Chewley had to play “Guest Engineer”. Co-HMFIC of Free Think Radio, Marthartha, officiates this week’s round of Is It a Band, which ends up getting stretched out by the hosts to a 45-minute segment. So, okay, it ran a little bit long. So what?! We don’t shoot until we see THE PINKS OF THEIR EYES! Oh, you didn’t get the joke?? Well, GOOD FUCKIN’ LUCK, buddy, because the Slack Train ROLLS ON!! Aliens ABILLIONFUCKIN years from now will unearth this episode, and they will know if YOU were in on the joke or not! HURRY — figure out why the parts of this show that you didn’t THINK were funny were, actually, literally, clitorally, in fact, FUNNY, and perhaps you’ll have a chance at redumbtion!A certain cult leader demanded that I start listing proper notes in the episode descriptions. It isn’t that FUN has been banned; my travails have become his FUN! AND I FELL FOR IT! Here’s dem notes, followed by dem lanks:

0:00:00 — INTRO 0:03:00 — Cosmac & Faux in Noo Joisee
0:05:00 — Peas’s fried pennies 0:08:36 — THIS show. peas forgets. PROMISING to play the game later. regarding padding the clock.
0:18:13 — BREAK 0:22:20 — RESET 0:24:05 — Meemees, memays, and meams; OH MY! The cussin’ police. Buttsville.
0:31:32 — Hypercube Minicubes. Viewer Mail.
0:39:29 — Peas peas-slams Faux. Faux’s recording advice: press “record”. The NSA bass joke. More promises to play the game later. 0:43:11 — More viewer mail. 0:46:38 — Fnord’s Scorekeepers. Joisee hates Faux. Even more promises to play the game later. Peas has a stroke.
0:51:38 — Drum lesson: The Purdie Shuffle 0:58:05 — RESET 1:02:00 — The Scarlet “P”. Faux tricks Fidd. Where’s Marthartha? There she is!
1:06:31 — Co-HMFICs Dr Ellis & Marthartha on French Canadians. Even MORE promises to play the game.
1:13:13 — We play the game… for the ENTIRE REST OF THE SHOW! Seriously, “Is It a Band?” goes on until the end of the show. Enjoy. EPILOGUE — Peas apologizes for the show. Post-show chat.

Time for the Show
Season One – Episode Thirty-Eight
October 1, 2018
Reverand [sic] peas [sic], Fidd Chewley, Rev Caller #23, Dok Faux, Dok Cosmac, Co-HMFIC Marthartha, Co-HMFIC Dr Ellis

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