Time for the Show: THE MOVIE

Doktor Faux and the team from Hypercube Labs have decided to BITE THE BULLET and attempt the biggest project of their lives: a full-length feature film!


Watch the trailer here!

What’s Happening:
This production is slated to begin filming in October 2022, with Cosmac filling the role of Director of Photography and Faux as the Director. The script was written by Faux, Cosmac and Fidd Chewley. Cosmac and Faux are sharing duties as Executive Producers.

The route Team Hypercube will be taking to Las Vegas from Orlando.

About the Movie:

In this adventure, Hypercube Lab’s Dr. Argus Faux sets off on a cross-country journey with the aid of rival super-science record-label Supersphere Media Empire’s Fidd Chewley in a passively-aggressive automated vehicle designed by Dr. Walter Cosmac. Their mission is to locate the missing Reverand [sic] peas [sic] somewhere in the deserts of Nevada.

Special appearances are scheduled to be made by notable members of the Church of the SubGenius such as Rev. Ivan Stang and Papa Joe Mama and the band Rubix Pube, as well as artists associated with Hypercube Labs in Orlando, Florida including Illuminated Paths/Broken Machine Films and other local acts.

How YOU Can Help:

This amount of resources required for this undertaking is large. We are in need of new equipment, and production expenses include fuel, accommodations, food and lots of cigarettes. Your donations will help ensure that the movie is a well-lit, clearly audible and distinguishable production versus the best we can do with the gear and finances available. Either way,  this is happening!

What YOU Receive:

Other than a sense of pride and accomplishment for directly supporting independent art, all donors will receive special thanks in our credits.

For just a few dollars , your name will be listed in one of these groups!

  • $1-49 – Junior Assistants to the Co-Executive Best Boy In-Training
  • $50-$99 – Third Unit Production Grip Backups
  • $100-499 – Craft Services Armed Security
  • $500-999 –  Consultants to the Studio Psychologist
  • $1000+ – Executive Slack Wranglers or Custom Title (Permitting)


Shooting Schedule

Summer 2022 – B-Unit Shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada

October 1 – Tallahassee, Florida

October 2 – New Orleans, Louisiana

October 3 – Dallas, Texas

October 5 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

October 6 – Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

October 7 – Las Vegas, Nevada

October 9 – End of A-Unit Production

May 2022
As of 5/14 the first full draft of the script is completed at around 45 pages. There will be a meeting tonight for a full cast reading, this will be the first time anyone has read Acts II and III. The script is being edited in Trelby and in collaborative modes in Google Docs, where the team works on the scripts and schedules.

We are now booking our overnight stays. We will be staying with friends some nights, and camping on set when possible. There are two places we are looking at hotel options for, including New Orleans/Baton Rouge and the Albuquerque area. We are currently looking at historic Route 66 hotels where we will stay and shoot a scene for the movie. If you would like to help us with accommodations, you can donate to the project here: CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO TIME FOR THE MOVIE THROUGH FUNDRAZR

June 2022

The script for the most part has been finished, although Dr. Faux is currently in the last week of “punch-up”. The final iteration of the script is expected to be done by the end of July. Production on the film slowed after the last update when a car crashed into Hypercube Labs Headquarters in Orlando, Florida literally the next day (May 15th). The production team met sporadically over the next few weeks to discuss whether or not to proceed with the film as Argus Faux and Aster Six (and their child) were left displaced and had to seek a temporary home. At the behest of Aster Six, it was agreed to continue with production.

To solidify these plans, the final arrangements for accommodations were made with hotels in Louisiana and New Mexico and camping spots at the Grand Canyon and the deserts outside of Las Vegas. Filming is scheduled to begin Saturday October 1, 2022.

JULY 2023

Cosmac and Faux have been hard at work in post-production and Time for the Movie is nearing completion! A preview of the film was shown to a select group of cranky old men and drunken millennials, and feedback with very positive! As of the end of the month, Faux is now cutting the last version of Act One with mastered audio and the visual effects completed. Act Two is about to enter into audio-mastering. Act Three is being assembled, and this is taking the longest because it has the most action and special effects shots in the production. Cosmac has been throwing his weight into the visual effects, we are very proud of ourselves for the sheer amount of practical special effects constructed for this project. We are aiming to have the movie ready for release by October of this year!

October 2023
The movie is FINISHED! World premiere party Feb. 11, 2024 at Will’s Pub in Orlando, Florida!

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