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Ep 89: Joshua

Hypercube is INFESTED with rambunctious nerds as Joshua Rogers from Illuminated Paths joins Faux and peas for an interview about aesthetics. Joshua features his work with Viper (BOUT THA MONEY) and features work by Heliophonic and Twin Monoliths. Meanwhile, label members TTN are celebrating TTN Day inside the Hypercube, and it’s only a matter of time before they hijack the whole show and end up playing their cover of Totally Wired featuring Doktor Faux.

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Ep 86: Begathon

Hypercube is BROKE! Fitting for episode ’86, Doktor Faux grovels to the audience like a disgusting protoplasm to help finance another year of Show. Surprisingly, the SHOWCIETY pledged to help keep the lights on in the cage that is the studio. Now Doktor Faux HAS to do more show, and is unsure whether or the not the monetary donations were made with the best intentions.