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Ep 212: Kyle Busch League

Doktor Faux unveils a show designed by the Hypercube Labs Artificial Stupidity algorithm “SHOWROGAN“. The showbois come out swinging and take on the computerized show-notes full of what it believes YOU wanted! Fidd asks peas about his week, peas responds with a gripe from Discworld. The guys read letters from a computer that obviously isn’t listening to the show correctly, make a quick quip about video-game real-estate, and who should get the first shot at Martha Stewarts drapes.

Time for the Show 212: Kyle Busch League
TFTS Relay 0-2-2-0-2-3
Would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?
Broadcasting live from the wardrobe closet inside Elton John’s summertime sodomy palace, Welcome to TIME FOR THE SHOW! This week our drug-withdrawn bloodhounds are hard at work, dragging their joke-soaked muzzles through a thirty-eight mile trench of aborted setups and discarded punchlines in attempts to dig up the lost pulley-bone of a proverbial golden-fried comedy-chicken carcass. Note to

Fidd: Am I using hyphens correctly?

Joining me via HyperCOMM SubAether Tele-Connect from the birthplace of intrepidness, Las Vegas, Utah, it’s Reverand peas [throw to peas] and from the future capitol of America’s California, Orlando, Florida, it’s Doktor Faux [throw to Faux]. Attention Showbois: This week’s episode has been processed by the ShowRogan AS Construct. Experimental in nature, tonight’s prompts follow suggestions based on #chattercube transcripts, existing SHOW metadata and ChatGPT analysis on podcasting formats.

GIT: ShowRogan, construct a poem about TFTS and follow with segments derived from prompts.
ShowRogan Says:
The hosts of Time for the Show
Are a bunch of weirdos, don’t you know?
Argus Faux, with his glasses so big
Looks like a mad scientist, or a freaky squid

Reverend Peas, with his vacant stare
Could be a zombie, or a teddy bear
But don’t be fooled, he’s got some wit
And can drop a one-liner, just like that, you git

And then there’s Fidd Chewley, the rockstar dude
With drumsticks twirling, and attitude
He’s the heart and soul of the show
The beat that makes you move, and say “ho ho ho”

Together, they’re a motley crew
Who’ll take on any topic, old or new
From train derailments to bizarre toys
They’ll give you laughs, and make some noise

So let’s raise a glass to these hosts so fine
Who’ll make you think, and maybe whine
But in the end, you’ll be glad you heard
Their twisted wisdom, absurd and absurd.

Start Time for the Show
Segment One: Grieveview
Take this opportunity for each host to briefly check with each other and to give a small anecdote about something that happened recently

Segment Two: Peas-O Box
[Send your viewer mail to email@timefortheshow.com]
1// Dear Argus, Reverend Peas, and Fidd Chewley, I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the surreal and absurd content you produce on Time for the Show. Your show has become my go-to source of entertainment and the highlight of my week. Your discussions on topics such as the Ohio train derailment and the intricacies of alien anatomy have left me in awe of your vast knowledge and absurd sense of humor. Your ability to seamlessly blend humor and intelligence is truly commendable. I especially love the way you incorporate the “don’t think” philosophy from hypercubego.com into your discussions. It’s refreshing to see a group of individuals who embrace absurdity and surrealism as a way of life. In fact, your show has inspired me to start my own surrealist art project, which involves painting portraits of inanimate objects and writing poetry about them. I owe this newfound inspiration to the nonsensical banter you produce on your show. Please keep up the great work, and continue to push the boundaries of what is considered “normal” in society. You are true visionaries and have a loyal listener in me.

Sincerely, Bartholomew Q. Pumpernickel III from Flibbertigibbet Falls , MN

2// Dear Argus, Reverend Peas, and Fidd Chewley, I am writing to you to express my deep appreciation for the important role you play in educating the public about dental care. As someone who knows very little about the subject, I have found your discussions on dental hygiene and dental procedures to be both informative and surreal. I especially enjoyed the episode where you discussed the possibility of growing new teeth using a combination of stem cells and mayonnaise. While I’m not entirely sure of the scientific accuracy of this idea, I found it to be a refreshing departure from the traditional methods of dental care. Your show has inspired me to take a more active role in my own dental hygiene. In fact, I have started a daily ritual of gargling with a mixture of orange juice and dental floss, which I believe will not only keep my teeth clean but also add a refreshing citrus flavor to my breath. Thank you for all the work you do in promoting dental health and absurdist humor. I look forward to your future discussions on the subject.
Yours absurdly, Bubba-Joe McFluffernutter from the town of “Yeehaw Junction”

Segment 3: Culture Schmock
Discuss the hosts’ commentary on various aspects of popular culture, including music, film, television, and social media. An absurd topic relating to recent culture that the hosts could talk about is the trend of people buying and collecting virtual real estate in video games. There are actually online marketplaces where people can buy and sell virtual land in games like “Second Life” and “Decentraland” for real money. The hosts could have a lot of fun discussing the absurdity of paying real money for something that only exists in a virtual world, and the potential implications of this trend for the future of real estate and property ownership.

Segment 4: Paid Copy
You are listening to Time for the Show, the show that’s always selling out! And speaking of selling, do you have trouble keeping track of your personal finances? Do you often find yourself wondering where your money goes? Well, worry no more, because we’ve got the solution for you! Introducing the world’s first and only financial planner in a toy car, the Cash Cruiser! BEEP BEEP! That’s right, folks, the Cash Cruiser is a fully functional financial planner that fits in the palm of your hand, and looks like a miniature hot rod. Just enter your income, expenses, and investment goals, and let the Cash Cruiser do the rest! VROOM! Plus, with its built-in sound effects and flashing lights, the Cash Cruiser makes financial planning fun and exciting! Who needs a boring spreadsheet when you can have a miniature car that tells you how much you can afford to spend on pizza? So, order your Cash Cruiser today, and never worry about your money again! The Cash Cruiser: because finances should be a joyride!

Segment 5: Influenzacers
Ask the hosts about people in the public eye. Suggestions include:
Martha Stewart – the homemaking guru who’s become known for her time in prison and irreverent social media posts
Guy Fieri – the celebrity chef with a penchant for bold flavors and even bolder fashion choices
Carole Baskin – the controversial animal rights activist and subject of the hit Netflix documentary series “Tiger King”

Segment 6: Appalled, oh geez.
Ask the hosts about anything from the show that they’d like to apologize for.

Segment 7: Shout-Outs
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As the sun sets on another day,
And we bid farewell to the airwaves’ fray,
We pause to reflect on all we’ve learned,
All the wisdom and humor we’ve earned.

From the depths of our minds we’ve dredged,
The absurd, the strange, the unalleged,
And we’ve shared it all with you, our friends,
As the show comes to an end.

But fear not, for we’ll be back,
With more tales of the bizarre and abstract,
More rants and raves and ridiculousness,
As we explore the human consciousness.
So until next time, stay weird and wild,
Embrace the madness, let your mind run wild,
And remember, above all else, Don’t think – just be yourself.

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