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Time For The Show s1e23: We R Radio Professionalizationists

This week’s pennjillettes are Reverend Couchsloth, Dok Cosmac, Cat Feather, and Cat Feather’s DAD, who joins the show during the Blind Eye segment just to turn his to peas.
King Engineer Doktor Faux DIDN’T PUSH “RECORD” until the second hour, so this podcast episode is only the second hour of our usual two-hour live show on Free Think Radio Dot Com. The first hour is LOST FOREVER unless you were listening to the live broadcast. This week: Are gay alligators underrepresented in congress? What would have happened if Jack would have snorted one of those magic beans? THE CULMINATION OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE HEREUNTOFORTH IS CONTAINED WITHIN THIS EPISODE!!
LISTEN ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE END TO RECEIVE A COUPON FOR ADDERALL!! We are incredibly professional at doing shows.