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TIME FOR THE SHOW, not “It’s time for the show”. There is no time for IT, for now it is SHOW!
EACH WEEK, your intrepid HOSTS do battle in the arena of insipid “entertainment”. Reverand [sic] peas [sic] connects to the Hypercube aethernet from across the planet, spanning dozens of ZONES. He tunes via HyperCOMM to the belligerent yammering of what sounds like an orangutan mashing  grapefruits into the less gentlemanly side of a horse, but NO! It’s every one’s  favorite step-uncle FIDD CHEWLEY. Over the next two hours, the two must match wits (which happens to be incredibly easily) and team-up to save the SHOW from the diabolical CLOCKWATCHER: Doktor Engineer DOKTOR FAUX, who’s due task is to maintain the BOARD and ensure the SHOW’s survival albeit somedays to his disdain. All of this happens LIVE ON THE AIR through the magic of computronic-based electrocoustic synergy called “streaming”, and sometimes the gates are opened to allow the beleaguered viewers of the stream to interact and inject their own chaotic disruptions onto the war-weary hosts. This isn’t a podcast. It’s not a digital radio show. This is the final stake in the heart of the leviathan that has wrought such great terror upon us for generations. It’s time to come together. It’s time to bite the bullet. It’s time to stop sending pictures of your dick with the camera tilted back to make it look “larger”. It’s time for the show.

TIME FOR THE SHOW was originally invented in 1648 by the Ottoman Empire for use as a rudimentary birth control device. Forgotten to the centuries and rumored to have been destroyed, TIME FOR THE SHOW was rediscovered intact in 2017 when Doktor Faux, Fidd Chewley, and Reverand peas sat down for Kwanzaa breakfast and found it in a box of Lieutenant Crunch cereal. Having found themselves in the position of being the only ones able to transmit the lost knowledge of TIME FOR THE SHOW to the masses, Fidd, Faux, and peas embarked on a weekly radio campaign to depropagate the status quo and reinstate a fundamental truth of reality that could only be delivered through bad radio. Spread your earholes open and bite down on a wooden spoon — it’s TIME FOR THE SHOW!

SHOW banner art by Scalpod

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