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Time for the Show 1×34: Handshoes and Horse Grenades

You’re going to SHIT YOUR FACE IN HALF when you hear this one! Reverand [sic] peas [sic] didn’t show up to this episode, probably because it’s Labor Day and he got too shit-housed to do the show — BUT THAT’S OKAY, because Doktor Cosmac, the Cheap Engineer of Hypercube Labs, joins Faux & Fidd for the entire show and officiates this week’s “Is It a Band” with guest contestant, Cat Feather! Fidd teaches the kids what NOT to do by emptying the contents of a road flare onto a paper plate and snorting it…again. Doktor Faux reminds you what that really funny joke was that you thought of that one time, but forgot. Elon Musk calls in to admit that he’s an unused Hideo Kojima villain who escaped into the real world.