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Ep 95: Rebuttal

In the last live broadcast for 2019, Doktor Faux invites Fidd Chewley into the studio to hash-out any outstanding beefs between them. Reverand peas introduces the show and takes on a historical review of how the show started before mediating between the two over a discussion of professional courtesy, context and feelings. The show devolves into mud-slinging as the two come to realize that the partnership has completely dissolved before Fidd ultimately walks out of the studio. There are no resolutions or compromises. This ended up being a gigantic waste of time.

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Ep 92: Gusher

Mark Hosler of Negativland joins Doktor Faux and Caller23 on the HyperCOMM. Mark recounts his recent European tour and the utilization of anchor-gigs. Faux asks why Negativland put out a new album (TRUEFALSE), and the duties of being a surviving member of an aging avant-garde performance troupe. Caller23 follows up with questions like “who is suing you now?” and what it’s like meeting the guy who had been pirating your music for a decade. Stickerguy is a nice guy.

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Ep 90: Spooky

Nic Caesar of Scary-art.com is held hostage by Reverand peas in an intense interrogation of his finances and blood lineage. Doktor Faux attempts to distract peas with with a segue, which is immediately boarded like a Razor scooter and kickflips off the ramp all sweet n’ shit. We poke Cosmac with an internet-stick and force him to play Is It a Band, the results are shocking! It’s legally sanctioned as a “bonanza”. Listen now!

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Ep 86: Begathon

Hypercube is BROKE! Fitting for episode ’86, Doktor Faux grovels to the audience like a disgusting protoplasm to help finance another year of Show. Surprisingly, the SHOWCIETY pledged to help keep the lights on in the cage that is the studio. Now Doktor Faux HAS to do more show, and is unsure whether or the not the monetary donations were made with the best intentions.