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Time for the Show 1×46: Chris

After the previous show’s debacle Doktor Engineer Doktor Faux rebuilds the HyperCOMM voice-bridge just in time for the Show’s newest friend: Chris. Hailing from parts unknown, Chris enters the satellite studio in Las Vegas, Utah with peas and immediately begins challenging every authority on the show. After stealing the mic away from peas, Chris unleashes THREE (3) BLIND-EYES. Doktor Cosmac (COSMAC’S COMMANDOS) shows up to judge Is it a Band before viewer mails and voicemails are quickly overlooked and then a NEW GAME: Messiah or Pariah. The guys debate over Chuck E. Cheese’s position in society before Fidd tells a wholesome family story about the BALL PIT. Peas apologizes and everyone tells Chris how great he is.