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Ep 123: Hardcore Soft Show

Reverand peas introduces his new version of consent-and-tickle-Elmo before he breaks off his teeth in his wife’s femural artery. Doktor Faux then berates peas for social media responsiblities, before we here a special demo of a song by TTN, Caller23 and Trenchie argue about facebook logisitics and the group plays Is It a Band?

Recorded July 20th, 2020
Performed by Doktor Argus Q. Faux, Reverand peas, Caller 23, Trenchie
Edited by Doktor Faux
Episode art by Doktor Faux
Features song PSM performed by TTN ttnmusic.bandcamp.com

Originally broadcast on www.freethinkradio.com
Sponsored by www.triologysoaps.com
Patreon supporters (as of Sept 2020):

Patreons: Rev. 80, Rev. Fanboy, Brother Other, Caller 23, Apostacy X Fnord, Hazel of the Windmills, Doktor Cosmac, Rev. Kodeine, Agent Lloyd, longdead, Marthartha, Michael Marcus, Rev. Negative, Rev Guimo, Couchsloth, Scalpod, Trenchie, and Rev Loch Ness

Special thanks to Katanna007 and Guru Drux


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Argus Faux
Argus Faux
Doktor Argus Q. Faux is an impatient asshole with a bad temper. He enjoys trash-talking children in free-to-play games and uploading footage of his birth to pornographic websites. When not engineering TFTS, he can usually be found crying on the bathroom floor and contemplating the use of MSG as a dietary supplement.

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