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Ep 90: Spooky

Nic Caesar of Scary-art.com is held hostage by Reverand peas in an intense interrogation of his finances and blood lineage. Doktor Faux attempts to distract peas with with a segue, which is immediately boarded like a Razor scooter and kickflips off the ramp all sweet n’ shit. We poke Cosmac with an internet-stick and force him to play Is It a Band, the results are shocking! It’s legally sanctioned as a “bonanza”. Listen now!

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Ep 86: Begathon

Hypercube is BROKE! Fitting for episode ’86, Doktor Faux grovels to the audience like a disgusting protoplasm to help finance another year of Show. Surprisingly, the SHOWCIETY pledged to help keep the lights on in the cage that is the studio. Now Doktor Faux HAS to do more show, and is unsure whether or the not the monetary donations were made with the best intentions.

Episodes podcast timefortheshow

Ep 83: Boipussy of my Dreamscast

It’s another landmark episode for TFTS. In this epic three-hour extravaganza, Reverand peas talks about his jeep. Ferg, Scalpod, Reverend Negative and Caller 23 join Faux for a round of Is It a Band with Doktor Cosmac. Then the evening devolves into the regular psycho-babble. This epsisode features the Time For The Show vs. Pop Team Epic remix as well as the Krinkle Time Party Show Lounge remix at the end.