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Time for the Show 1×41: FUN-O-TAINMENT!

0:00:00 INTRO. Smoking in an airlock. P-doggin’ the show. Disobeying the clock. Cosmac’s Commandos. Boo-ing in Morse code. Pre-break break foreshadowing. Fidd’s biological clock. The ceremonial on-air sound check.

0:15:01 BREAK. Box tragedy update. The three Ps of perfect peas publicity. What NOT to do. Obligitory PSA. Disclaimer, ahoy! Mail fraud “might” be illegal. The real porch pirates of Las Vegas.

0:32:45 BREAK. “It’s her HUSBAND!” What’s the show’s phone number? Peas is a good guesser. J Jordan Jordan.

0:38:39 VOICEMAILS! The Disco Buscuit Frubgenius webpage. Peas defends the voicemailers. Our clitori are up against the glass again.

0:50:25 BREAK. Dem lanks. Our EXACT Google Play lank. Patreon love. Peas makes Fidd cry.

0:57:56 Let’s get Scalpod. Theme song contest! How to pay us to break-in to your house. Thorazine Urine: where are they now?

1:05:02 IS IT A BAND?

1:06:40 Round 1: The One-ups.

1:10:10 Round 2: The Burlap Underground.

1:15:25 Round 3: Hammer Time.

1:19:43 Round 4: Joco Homo.

1:23:24 Round 5: The Pussygrabbers.

1:26:57 Round 6: Gorilla Warfare.

1:33:22 Round 7: Joe Dante’s Inferno. NO BREAK! Episode art contest! Whoopin’ Faux. One last voicemail. The Kenny Floyd award. Weezer concerts, rum, and “findoras”. Peas apologizes. Fidd apologizes to peas. Peas apologizes more. Faux apologizes to Gavin McInnes. THANK YOU!

Time for the Show
Season One – Episode Forty-One
October 22, 2018
Fidd Chewley, Dok Faux, Reverand [sic] peas [sic], Scalpod

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