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Time for the Show 1×43: Ale ‘n’ Alienation in an Ailin’ Alien Nation

Fidd is drunk. Caller #23 joins the show as peas’s understudy. Daylight Savings Time, Ontario, 1908. Hitler was the first in space. Fidd sneezes drunkenly. Our Discord’s users’ meme war. Calvin peeing on Calvin. Peas pokes fabric. Fidd is drunk. RIP Whitey Bulger. Peas gets racialist. Jodi Arias sends Fidd some bagels. The reason crazy kids aren’t allowed gum. Is Peas our Klinger or our Radar? Who are you vaping? “Unicorn space jism”. The twenty-third caller. Patreon love. Fidd is drunk. Doesn’t Faux know it’s just a show? Fidd’s disambidextrous throne. Hazel of the Windmills’s fourtune read by peas. Fidd drunkenly interprets a bible verse for Hazel. The Google Play link. Peas leaves Caller #23 in charge. IS IT A BAND?! Caller #23 apologizes for the show on behalf of peas.

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