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Time for the Show 1×44: Crapping Towards Bethlehem

A new sponsor: Betty Crocker’s Poop Roll-Ups.  Time is fake because calendars are gay.  Faux tells a joke.  The TIME FOR THE SHOW “Take Kids Around the World” charity.  Fidd is a WWII veteran.  Warren Alexander Peas attends a cockfight.  Jodi Arias is a Truly Chewley.  Canadian Felon summer camp.  Who peed in your bongwater?  A highly surmountable problem.  BLIND EYES!  Peas disapproves of Fidd’s Blind Eye.  DIWS: Douche-Induced Whiplash Syndrome.  Mature language is immature.  IS IT A BAND –>  Round one: Bicyclops.  Round two: Insecurity Council.  Round three: Stinkfinger.  Round four: The Radioactivists.  Viewer mail: “What happened to the funny parts of the show?”  Reverend 80: champion rubberbandist.  Peas explains to you why you’re listening to this show.  Arli$$.  We kiss each other.  Weekly Patreon love.  CARBONATED BREAST MILK?!?!  Sometimes a microphone is just a microphone.  Luther Vandross and the salamanderizer.  The photo of Fidd sleeping in his duckie shirt.  Sternfan101 is the Arli$$ of peas.  The ceremonial on-air sound check.  Peas gets Teller on the show and demands the ears of Democrats.  Hosts’ questions for Teller.  Time for the Show: fuck, merry, kill.  Monday is Bottomless Bread Night for Illuminati members only.  A second round of Blind Eyes.  THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR GOOD CONTENT.  Is It a Brand: the “Rumbleball” brand medicine ball.  If you want to avoid seeing the movie “Venom”, simply impregnate your wife LIKE DOKTOR FAUX DID!!  Peas dutifully apologizes for this episode.  Our sacred Google Play link.

Time for the Show
Season One – Episode Forty-Four
November 12, 2018
Fidd Chewley, Dok Faux, Reverand [sic] peas [sic], Scalpod

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