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COVID Coverup! Government Conspiracy to Conceal Activity!

TFTS – The scientists and engineers at an independent research facility in Florida have uncovered startling facts about the Coronavirus “pandemic” which is actually a dark-op by the singular world-government coordinated through mass-media disinformation and social-media campaigns. The reasons behind this, according to Dr. Flip Wilson (PhD) are to keep people indoors and in close proximity to their viewscreens which supply a dopamine-heavy set of programming to keep viewers complacent all while planet Earth is “buzzed” by scores of UFOs.

Did you see it?

“It would be very bad behind-the-scenes,” says Dr. Wilson, “if the people of the world were to unanimously find that we are not alone in the universe. This could trigger a shift in power from the “Conspiracy” (a term used to for the secret global-government) back to the people as they could start emphasizing world-unity and cooperation towards a Utopian state.

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