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Ep 101: Gogurt™ Spoon

This week, Reverand peas provides a slew of tips for the budding narcotics entrepreneur, some ‘interesting’ facts about birds andthe “real science” behind the flat earth while Chef Rutenberg auditions for his role as a new Jeff Dunham puppet. Caller 23 agrees with Doktor Faux that his jokes are p good tonight, and then Joshua Rogers bursts out of the floorpanels and joins the show before peas leaves to do something else and dodging Joshua’s demand for his Triology Soap gift pack.

Intro: I Hunger for the Show (Mashup)
02:00 One time for the Peas-ple
03:20 Memories of Demoralization
05:55 Who do you want to kill, peas?
07:20 Doktor Faux is standing
10:24 Peas’ Jeep needs a Jesus fish
12:40 Sublime
15:25 How to Sell Drugs with peas
20:20 How to Do Drugs with peas
21:50 Hot to Get Drugs with peas
25:25 Peas blames the Chinese
30:00 Blame shifting
33:45 Peas,when was the last time you smoked meth?
34:15 Peas is a boomer
36:45 Zebra joke
39:17 Flux Rutenberg is racist (blatantly) [Faux accuses]
40:00 Handjob joke
41:50 Gogurt™ Spoon
45:00 Tine for the Show (Time Loop)
48:09 Patreon Shoutouts, Triology Soaps “Eucalyptus Spearmint”
51:23 Peas’ heroin ethics
52:30 Jeep Pipes & Snorkels
53:30 Jim Macon weather report
54:45 Crystal Meth Ice Cream
55:20 EULA T-Shirt, Gogurt Knife
56:20 Peas vs Gender Identity
58:15 Peas and birds
1:04:27 Michael Jackson
1:06:00 Peas’ sexiest friends
1:07:30 Caller23 fucks up
1:08:33 Peas complains (Triology Soaps)
1:10:00 Who’s your fursona peas?
1:13:00 Peas and the flat earth
1:17:45 Rutenberg says the R-word
1:18:00 Joshua Rogers Shows Up
1:27:00 Apologies
1:40:00 How do we end the Show?
1:50:00 Closing with TTN

Recorded February 17, 2020
Edited by Doktor Faux
Episode art by Rev Kodeine

Originally broadcast on www.freethinkradio.com
Sponsored by Triology Soaps www.triologysoaps.com
Music by TTN www.officialttn.net
oshua Rogers appears courtesy of Illuminated Paths

Patreon Supporters: Doktor Cosmac, Doktor Trench, Rev. Kodeine, Scalpod, Rev. Couchsloth, Apostacy X Fnord, Caller23, Hazel of the Windmills, YBDobbs, Marthartha, Rev. Richard Negative, Agent Lloyd, Longdead, Rev 80, Rev Guimo, Rev Jitney Friekur, Vanessa, Guru-Drux

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

Bad Words Caught: 30
faux: f f
flux: f f s s s f s f f s f f f f f f
peas: f f f f
caller23: bs mf f f f f f f

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Argus Faux
Argus Faux
Doktor Argus Q. Faux is an impatient asshole with a bad temper. He enjoys trash-talking children in free-to-play games and uploading footage of his birth to pornographic websites. When not engineering TFTS, he can usually be found crying on the bathroom floor and contemplating the use of MSG as a dietary supplement.

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