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Ep 97: Essence

Caller 23 and Chef Gutenberg join Doktor Faux in the studio as Peas re-learns how to do radio. Faux asks peas about Koreans, things peas would say that would make others think he’s stoned and answers letters from the Hypercube mailbag. Faux introduces the SHOWCIETY points system. Peas discusses how he is a good racist, if not the best before ranting through a songbreak and then apologizing and leaving. Doktor Faux reads from the new CUBESPEAK booklet.

Recorded on January 20, 2020
Edited by Doktor Faux
Episode art by Caller23

Originally broadcast on www.freethinkradio.com
Sponsored by Triology Soaps www.triologysoaps.com

Patreon Supporters: Doktor Cosmac, Doktor Trench, Rev. Kodeine, Scalpod, Rev. Couchsloth, Apostacy X Fnord, Caller23, Hazel of the Windmills, YBDobbs, Marthartha, Rev. Richard Negative, Agent Lloyd, Longdead, Rev 80, Rev Guimo, Rev Jitney Friekur, Vanessa, Guru-Drux

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Argus Faux
Argus Faux
Doktor Argus Q. Faux is an impatient asshole with a bad temper. He enjoys trash-talking children in free-to-play games and uploading footage of his birth to pornographic websites. When not engineering TFTS, he can usually be found crying on the bathroom floor and contemplating the use of MSG as a dietary supplement.

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