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Ep 202: The New First Episode

Fidd Chewley activates the Pylon Network and learns how to engineer the show LIVE. Reverand [sic] peas [sic] joins Doktor Faux in reveling in how accomplished they feel, despite the year’s shortcomings. It’s a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

Time for the Show Ep. 202 The “Let’s Make a Christmas Special” Special

In this episode, Fidd Chewley has hijacked the previously scheduled re-run of a classic TFTS episode in order to convince peas to write bits for the 2022 Supersphere Holidaymas Festacular. He has also locked Dr. Faux out of the SHOW console and forcing him to play along as the “co-host” in order to regain access.
Set: Intro (New theme song by Rubix Pube)
Welcome – Hosted by Fidd Chewley
Fidd instructs peas to write bits for the special
Peas-O Box (Hypercube Labs PO Box 4304 Winter Park, FL 32793)
1/ Dear Peas, How come my hands still smell like shit even after I wash them with Triology Soap? Alabaster Crumbwell of Hangnail, Indiana
2/Dear Peas, Do lesbians eat vegetables? Urethra Franklin from Queef, New Mexico
3/Dear Peas, My teenage daughter cuts herself for attention? How do I get her to stop? John Hinckley Junior, JR. of Wetback, Alabama
==Check-in with Peas bout bits==
All I Want For Xistlessmas Is Two Blind Eyes – Each host must give two blind eyes
A paid advertisment for the Jimmy Fallon School of Improvisational Comedy –
You’ve tried Stand-Up, and bombed. Your sketch group have all gone to rehab. You can’t get through a knock-knock joke without someone doing a bit about internet doorbells. FACE IT! Making people laugh is HARD WORK! But it doesn’t HAVE to be! Now, even YOU can bring hearty guffaws and belly-breaking laughter without EVER having to write a “tight five” again! Introducing the Jimmy Fallon School of Improvisational Comedy, a thirty-four week e-learning program that shows you how to evoke gutteral giggles from scores of glassy-eyed cromagnons willing to pay exorbitant ticket prices to watch you and a group of seventeen open-mic holdouts play duck-duck-goose for two hours! Learn how to circumnavigate quote “traditional principles” like set-ups and punchlines by simply acting wacky and behaving like a spastic teenager desperately trying to convince their parents that their new lifestyle choices are completely sincere! This patented system was developed by late-night virtuoso and hero to millions James Beauregard Fallon, in response to massive demand that he reveal how he is able to command stage and screen by constantly impressing his A-list celebrity guests with his lightning quick wit and dynamic prose. Learn fantastic techniques that will propel you to the top of the comedy-empire ladder OVERNIGHT! Including, – OVERREACTING TO EVERYTHING – PLAYING SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGES – STEALING THE MOMENT – FEIGNING EMBARASSMENT – SLAPPING FURNITURE – RUINING WEEKEND UPDATE – EXECUTIVE BROWN-NOSING – BLACKFACE – TV/VCR REPAIR – ENDORSING PONZI SCHEMES – ENABLING CHILD GROOMERS Or get your GED! You won’t belive how successful you have become when standing on the necks of your predecessors, just like Jimmy! Act now and get our free companion book “RINGFINGER: How I nearly lost a digit to my home countertop, despite abusing set pieces for fifteen years!” Don’t delay, late-night television won’t last long! ORDER NOW! Participants in this program are held liable for their own hate-mail.
SUBGENIUS COURT – Peas and Faux must appeal to Judge Fidd. One must defend an idea, and the other must oppose. Tonight’s Topics: – The reintroduction of indentured servitude in the West – Statutory Vape Laws (vaping in areas only designated as “non-smoking”) – The Annexation of Kansas City – Check with peas about bits –
PROVING GROUNDS – – Rattlesnake found in ball dispenser at Arizona driving range – California girl issued an official license to keep a pet unicorn – Malaysian puzzle solver breaks Mr. Potato Head world record – Iguana wanders into Florida substation, causes ‘large scale outage’ – More than 900 Santas participate in 13th annual run in Germany – Dog accidentally sent through X-ray tunnel at Wisconsin airport – Blind horse breaks three Guinness World Records in Oregon – The French baguette gets UN world heritage status – ‘Gaslighting’ is Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2022 – Thai temple left without any monks after they all fail drug tests –
Peas’ Apologies –

“Time For The Show” –
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Doktor Argus Q. Faux is an impatient asshole with a bad temper. He enjoys trash-talking children in free-to-play games and uploading footage of his birth to pornographic websites. When not engineering TFTS, he can usually be found crying on the bathroom floor and contemplating the use of MSG as a dietary supplement.

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